Fostering by Wendy Greenfield

I was brought up with dogs always in the house and in Germany, many years ago (!) my father trained Alsatian guard dogs for the RAF.

I was given a chocolate lab for my birthday in 2004 when I moved to France. I already had a yellow belonging to my son, who was working in Paris at the time.
Last year 2019, my final dog sadly died and suddenly I was without a dog in the house.
Devastated, I could not face having another dog for some time. 16 years in France with dogs around, the suddenness of no dogs at all just emptied me out.

Then, the covid 19 came along and I realised that somewhere there was a dog that could benefit from having space and freedom and love for as long as it took, whilst us humans were also in confinement, just as they are….
So, a meet up in a car park in Poitiers with a man I’d never met before (!?) and out jumps a smelly excited dog who was coming home with me!!
Two kms down the road and heavy breathing in my ear, yes, (the dog!) he had managed to climb over the back seat and get round the dog guard and was attempting to drive!!
It’s lockdown and the first dog to come from a rescue centre, all new paperwork and a dog driving the car!!
Fortunately there were no gendarmes around and after a fairly brief stop (well actually quite a long stop) I managed to untangle lead, dog, myself and wonder why I changed my clothes before leaving the house!!
Phew, window open all the way home, not only was he smelly but dear goodness those farts..never before…..!!!
That was three weeks ago.


I have to say to ANYONE thinking of fostering, that it has been the most wonderful, fun, rewarding, heartbreaking experience ever. The joy of a dog in the house I am fully aware of, as a family we have always had a dog. I have had three, then two then one then… dogs at all…till now.

Fostering Isaac has been the best thing!! The joy and faithfulness and love has been shattering.
From that start, to only three weeks down the line, Isaac has come to trust and understand; I have had the joy and delight and love of a dog who just IS…funny, happy, responsive and not the stressed lad of three weeks ago.
I believe he is moving on to a new permanent home and the long term love and affection that he deserves.
Me? Phew!! A few (ok a lot) of tears and heartache, but the knowledge that he can continue to grow into his big paws (!) carry on being a puppy for a while longer and know that he is one happy, happy dog.

There are many more ‘Isaacs’ needing fostering, so having done it once, yes I shall do it again and no doubt break my heart as he/she moves on to their permanent home.