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Neo is an adorable, fun loving four year old Brittany Spaniel who loves the company of people and other dogs. He’s settled well in to his foster home, is clean in the house, quiet in the car, good on the lead, doesn’t look to escape and is generally a great companion. He also accepted living with a confident cat and after a few days even shared his food bowl with him, so will be fine living with a cat (as long as intros are done carefully) and would probably benefit from living with another dog as he loves to play.

He’s a little anxious with new situations so needs space and time to get to know new people and needs some work around cars, but he’s a quick learner and is improving all the time.
Neo’s quite an energetic boy, so will benefit from an active family who will spend time with him or a companion dog of a similar energy level and a home with not too many people coming and going, at least until he’s settled with his new family, who we’re sure he will love unconditionally.

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