Eddie’s fun blog – week 4
Eddie on ‘Fun, companionship and maybe more..’ 

The other morning, I was practicing my yoga with my person and I had a light bulb moment……En Route is really an online dating agency and as with most online human ‘daters’, most of us here are ‘second time arounders’.

Take my dating profile for instance: “Middle aged generously proportioned boy, hobbies include lying on the floor, patrolling the grounds, being stroked and eating. Would like to meet humans with similar interests” Happily for me, my people fit my profile very well and are happy to indulge my hobbies as well as the little bit of ‘baggage’ I came with.

The point of my musings is that IF I was a young dog who LOVED running, jumping, retrieving things (why?!!) my perfect person might be a Lycra clad jogging enthusiast, who plays tennis and does a bit of orienteering in the afternoon. I exaggerate of course, poetic licence if you will. What I really mean to say in the dating game, carefully considering both parties’ profiles is vital to ensure that the ‘like very much at first sight’ becomes that ‘something more’ that we all want!

Have to go now off for a jog …..not!

From Eddie the downward dog

Ps it’s all about the shavasana!