Some of you may remember my blog of 2 years ago when I felt moved to share my early adventures when I was fresh out of The Pound. Normally I would hide my light under a bushel but since I’ve been asked to blog again it would be rude not to. Now I’d just like to explain…….. don’t get me wrong….. I enjoy as good a dose of Facebook as the next canine BUT it’s come to my attention that an unauthorised and uncool photo of me has appeared on my favourite social media page. So, just to prove I am the bigger person here, I will show you all again in the interest of my fellows……

Now, an important part of my story is connected to this, my beagle companion.

She was the first one to teach me ( by fine example) how to anticipate, bark at and be totally freaked out by thunder and lightning. She taught me well! However, now she’s stone deaf, the burdensome responsibility of being frightened for the two of us rests on my shoulders while she sleeps through.

Enter the wondrous pink anxiety wrap. From quivering to catatonic in the time it takes to wrap round, over and under. Its like THE KING OF HUGS……. honestly try it yourself. Mine is pink jersey material and totally homemade.

It makes me mega chilled and I only have to wear it for the duration of the storm……. you will notice that it’s a tad small for me….. that’s because I’m what’s known as cylindrical although I prefer the term comfortable!

Here is a link that you could share with your people

Until the next time……..