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Rowan is estimated to be three years old, but we all think he’s a little younger than that.
He’s energetic and likes to bounce, so his foster family are teaching him that he can’t get what he wants until all feet are on the floor. He’s also a bit pully on his lead and nervous of moving vehicles, but that will soon improve with a little time and training.
Apart from that, Rowan is an easy house guest. He sleeps well at night, is happy to amuse himself if he has a toy to ‘kill’ and is affectionate and friendly with people and other dogs.
Because of his energy level, another active dog in the home, as well as space to have a good run would be good for him.
We don’t know what he’s like around cats yet, although he had a good growl at the ceramic cat in his foster home!
All in all, Rowan’s a beautifully natured boy, currently in foster in South of dept 79.
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