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This stunning boy is looking for a new home due to his current family needing to move into different accommodation. They have tried to find a solution but have reluctantly come to the conclusion that they need to find a new home for their beloved dog.

Ramses is just over 2 years old and he is a happy, boisterous , playful dog with lots of energy. He is left alone for most of the day and he is only rarely taken for walks, this means he gets very excited and overstimulated easily and when he meets new people. He hasn’t met many dogs, other than those who go past his house, so the family is not sure how he gets on with them. He has not been cat tested.

Ramses has lived with his current family including two young children since arriving as a puppy. They told me that although he jumps up at grown ups he is incredibly gentle around their own and other children. He loves to travel in the car.

Ramses is just a great big puppy. He loves everyone he meets, he loves to play, especially with the hosepipe and he needs a family who have the time to work with him to help him manage is over-exuberance. He is extremely intelligent and would greatly benefit from being with a family who know and understand the breed.

Ramses is sterilised, vaccinated, chipped and has a passport.

Ideally we are looking to have Ramses adopted but we would love to hear from people who could foster him with a view to working on his training.

Ramses really is a lovely dog and with a bit of training would make a wonderful companion.

If you think you could help then please get in touch Ramses is currently in 79 near Sauze Vaussais.

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