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One week in to life in his foster home and young Jed is proving what a good and loving boy he is.

As long as he has an active home where he can ‘help’ in daily activities he is relaxed and happy to watch and play with his toys.

He loves cuddles, games and collecting things.

He now has a lie in rather than waking everyone early in the morning, he’s getting used to water and each day he’s learning more.

We think the perfect home for Jed will be one with a large enclosed garden where he has space to run, another dog to run with and people who can continue his education and focus his energy.

Jed has seen cats on walkies and not been overly bothered, so with patience, should be able to live with cats.

He jumps up, so is probably best suited to a family without young children.

Jed’s somewhere between six months and a year old. He’s biddable, sociable and smart and can be met in the Ruffec area of dept 16

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