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Artemis has been loved since he was adopted as a puppy. However, unlike his mother who was a small Griffon, Artemis has grown and grown. As a result his owner accepts that she can not give him what he needs as her home is not suitable for a large dog and her health condition means she cannot give him the exercise and stimulation he needs.

Artemis is three years old and full of energy that he is not able to use up. He needs long walks, stimulation, room to move around at home and, as with all Griffons, a secure garden. Loose lead training and the opportunity to socialise with other dogs will benefit him too. More opportunity to spend time with people will help to reduce his excitement when he meets new people.

Artemis is house trained and crate trained. He loves the car and is happy travelling in his safety harness.

His crate, safety harness etc will all go with him so he will have familiar things around him in his new home.

Could you offer Artemis his forever home?

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