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Amber is a one year old Beagle who has already had a litter of puppies. She was found wandering, but there was no sign of her pups. She spent time in the pound, a terrified little soul who growled and snapped at everyone.

What a difference three weeks in a foster home has made. It’s time for Amber to relax and enjoy being a puppy herself.

Amber is becoming a typical bouncy, active, inquisitive and fun-loving young Beagle. She is less fearful of her foster carers and gets on with the family’s dogs. Amber is confident enough to explore and do puppy things. However, due to her difficult start in life she has a lot to learn about trusting people, living in a house and the outside world. She has only just begun her journey.

Although, Amber is less fearful of people she will need a home with very caring, patient and gentle people.

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