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What does nine years of living in a garden pen do to a dog? Like most things, it depends on a number of things; their inherent temperament, the environment and their experiences.

We’re not sure, but we think that was Amber’s life story up to the point she was given up to our care. She may have come out for hunting occasionally, and she may have lived in a home, but we’ll never really know.

So, with a change of life came many new experiences. She had a huge tumour and evidence of little care, certainly in the recent past, so has met many people since then to help her transition, including an invasive and distressing op, things she found stressful and that have taken a lot of time for her to recover from.

…but out of all those experiences, comes Amber, a little nine year old cocker full of life, who loves exploring new places, cuddling on the sofa and generally being pampered by her people.

Amber is now looking for a family who can give her the things she loves and continue to work on her education, preferably a home with a secure garden to satisfy that spaniel nose and one with no cats.

Amber is clean and calm in the house, asks to go out and is happiest with a routine. She can be nervous of new people, especially men, but hopefully that will continue to improve with time and the right home.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more. Amber is currently in foster in dept 16.

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